Saturday, 6 October 2018


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Bristol Tango Calendar (is this site worth £120 a year?):
It's the time of year when I get my annual bill to host this site. I'd welcome all ideas as to how I should raise the funds, from both organisers and dancers, please. I've been invited to place collection boxes at some events, this is the best way for you to show your appreciation.

Visiting Teachers (Bristol area)
October 27/28: The Tango Room: Gustavo Benzecry-Saba and Luciana Guido
November 17: Joy of Dance workshops at Redland Club German Landeire and Yanna Es

October 14: Tango West Tea Dance has ZapaTango shoes
October 31: Tango West late night midweek Halloween Milonguita

Regional Weekend Events
Tango Feast (Torquay, Devon)
Tango Mango (Totnes, Devon)
Tango Tangk (Bramshaw, New Forest)
Thames Valley Tango (usually 4 events - Christmas / Easter plus others)

Please check the individual clubs' sites to ensure that you have the most up-to-date info. - I'm not always told about last minute cancellations